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Icky's Teahouse Online Music LIbrary - Updated 09/13/2015*

*Added Hooker 09/13/15
*Added CLOVEN HOOF CLAN - RITUAL+VOL+1 to Music Downloads 9/24/14
*Added Bloodtsains Across Eugene II - The Movie to video downloads 08/19/2014
*Added Bastard Saints Live @ Bloodstains to the video downloads 08/19/2014
*Added Das Snukas (Snukas Tribute Project) to music downloads 12/29/2013.

*New video added to the video downloads section - 10/16/2013.

*New section  added - Youtube Videos - 10/10/2013.


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Over a hundred punk flyers and pictures from way back when!

A Boy And His Dog (Lo-Fi Goodness by Josh/Artless Motives - folky & dark lo-fi rock 'n' roll)
A Boy And His Dog - Am I Just A Ghost? (2 CD Set)
Absolute Zero (Hardcore punk with elements of Street Rock)
Absolute Zero - Absolute Zero 
Artless Motives (Punk rock, skate rock, pop punk etc. Catchy songs with just the right amount of Ska)
Artless Motives - Dumb 1992 (Rare Artless Motives Song)
Artless Motives - Everything But The Kitchen Sink (40 Studio Recordings)
Artless Motives - Jazz Jam Session #1 - Live - 1993 (mp3)
Artless Motives - My Life - Rare - Cover (mp3)
Artless Motives - Simple Reasons - High School and Other Demos
Artless Motives - The Bootleg Chicken (Live @ Max's Tavern '92)
Bicker (Emo Pop Punk)
Bicker - Cuddle (mp3)
Black Kronstadt (Metal/Crust-core - politics/anarchy)
Black Kronstadt - Black Kronstadt
Bloodstains Across Eugene (Eugene Oregon Punk/Ska/Hardcore bands compilation CDs released at the Bloodstains Across Eugene Punk shows in 2002/2003) 
Bloodstains Across Eugene I (2002)
Bloodstains Across Eugene II (2003)
Brown Bags (Street Rock Anthems with a little skate punk thrown in.)
Brown Bags - Never Mind the Bullshit, Here's Our Noise! 
Bullyard (After Brown Bags came Bullyard, rougher recordings but more street rock/thrash/pop crossover)
Bullyard - Demos
Cathead (Experimental jam punk rock)
Cathead - The Album
Circus Tents (Skate-rock at it's finest, think early R.K.L.) 
Circus Tents - Cassette Demo + 7" EP
Elmer (Playing country punk long before Hank 3 was making country cool again)
CHC - Hardcore, Gothic, Gloom and Doom. (Join the Coven)
Elmer - Singles, Demos & More!
Fallen Standards (Politically driven punk & hardcore)
Fallen Standards
Filthy Animals (Portland's own sleaze thrash kings, garage thrash with hints of  Turbo Negro & Poison Idea)
Filthy Animals - Filthy Animals
The Freeloaders (Crossover thrash punk)
The Freeloaders - Live in Taipei 09/12/2009 (John Wagner Drums/Vocals ex Pecus Gravitas)
Godless (Political Hardcore)
Godless - Two Albums
Ground Round (Great Pop Punk from Santa Rosa - think Crimpshrine, old green day)
Ground Round - Memories Better Left Behind 
Hooker - We were called Hooker (Zach & Scott from ShortRound, Lenny from Gun Pro, Roger from Outclass)
Hooker - We were called Hooker
Hoogendoorns (77 Style punk rock meets crimpshrine)
Hoogendoorns - Some Cheap Gordon (Demo)
Josh Jones (Drunk Folk Punk)
Josh Jones - Break Bottles Original Demo (mp3)
M-Blanket (Pop Punk)
M-Blanket - Collection (Source -
Not A Part Of It (Snotty 77 Style Punk Rock)
Not A Part Of  It - To See With Eyes Unclouded By Hate 
Not My Son (Political hardcore punk)
Not My Son - Two Albums
Nowhere Fast (Catchy Skate Punk)
Nowhere Fast - Collection
Pecus Gravitas (Killer crossover punk/thrash)
Pecus Gravitas - Demo
Piglet (Snotty high school punk & hardcore)
Piglet - Not Ralphing At Your First Keg Party (2 Versions)
Piss Pants (Hardcore punk with elements of pop punk)
Piss Pants - 8th & Failing Demo
P.O.S. (Punk Rock from Springfield) 
P.O.S. (Products Of Society) - Punk Outta Springfield 
The Readymen (Eugene Oregon's premier Skunk rock band, think Op Ivy, the clash)
The Readymen - 2 Albums (Show Hall Bound & Restless)
The Real Bastard Saints (Eugene's one and only street rock champions) 
The "Real" Bastard Saints - Songs In The Key Of Oi! 
The Redundants (77 Style Pogo punk)
The Redundants - I hate the Redundants (Plus 2 Unreleased Songs!)
The Rickets (Legendary Washington State Punk Rock)
The Rickets - Collection (From 7" EPs)
Round 9 (Pop punk from Corvallis, Oregon)
Round Nine - 1995
Shortround (Catchy Skate Rock)
Shortround - 2 Albums
The Snukas (Party Thrash Rock 'n' Roll)
The Snukas - One Year... Too Many Beers!
Das Snukas (The Snukas by way of Post Industrial Germany - A Snukas Cover Project)
Das Snukas - Aufwachen An Vets!
Some Cheap Christ (Born Against type hardcore)
Some Cheap Christ - Demos
Spaten Optimator (Thrash Pop) 
Spaten Optimator - Live @ WOW Hall Eugene
The Spoils (One of a kind punk rock)
The Spoils - Live 
Swill (Punk Rock) 
Swill - Demo
Universal Choking Sign (A comp featuring Punk/hardcore bands from the NW, including Artless Motives and Bicker)
Universal Choking Sign VA Comp.
Willamette Valley Hog Robbers (Hillbilly Acoustic Punk)
Willamette Valley Hog Robbers - 3 Song EP
The Wimps (Catchy Pop Punk)
The Wimps - The Wimps
The 108ers (Fallout 3 themed Street Rock. Hard Skin meets your Xbox 360 console. For fans of  bands like The Fatskins, The Templars and Hard Skin. Fun & violent street rock with a twist.)
The 108ers - You Aint Gary 

Resist & Exist News Coverage Eugene OR 1996 (MPEG4)
Hoogendoorns - This Night - Live Portland OR 7/24/09 (WMV)
Hoogendoorns - My Worst Enemy - Live Portland OR 7/24/09 (WMV)
The Readymen - Live At Icky's Teahouse (mp4)
The Readymen - Live At Ickys Teahouse(webm)
The Real Bastard Saints - Live At WOW Hall Bloodstains Across Eugene II (MPEG4)

Bloodstains Across Eugene II - The Movie 531 Productions (MPEG4)

The Real Bastard Saints - Live At WOW Hall Bloodstains Across Eugene II
Bloodstains Across Eugene II - The Movie 531 Productions (MPEG4)
Readymen - Live At Icky's Teahouse
Readymen - Old Days
Readymen - No Trust 
Readymen - Show Hall Bound
Readymen - Blue Beat
Readymen - One Horse Town
Artless Motives - Spring Broke Tour
Artless Motives - BleachMan
Hoogendoorns - My Worst Enemy
Hoogendoorns - Pancakes & Eggs
Hoogendoorns - Blues In D
Hoogendoorns - This Night
The Rickets - Green Eggs & Ham 
The Rickets - Three Reichs You're Out
The Rickets - Diet Punk 
The Rickets - I Can't Find My Beer 
The Rickets - Vitamin D Deficiency
The Rickets - A is for Assholes
The Rickets -  I Can't Think
Karp, The Rickets, Mukilteo Fairies on TCTV
The Rickets - Live Dec 11, 2010
The Rickets - Bad Attitude 
The Rickets - Live Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
ShortRound - Break Bottles (Hoogendoorns Cover) 
ShortRound Live 
Offs - Cool Yer Jets 
Stockyard Stoics - City Lights 
Stockyard Stoics - Days Go By
Stockyard Stoics - Status Quo & Sad Songs 
Stockyard Stoics - Occupational Hazards
Stockyard Stoics - Turnpike South
Stockyard Stoics - Land Of Opportunity
Stockyard Stoics - Ravenous
Stockyard Stoics - Adolescent Chemistry
Stockyard Stoics - Live Nov. 11, 2000
Big Bubba - Fuck You, Piss Off! 
Monkee Torture - Torturous Interview/Bloodstains Across Eugene
Monkee Torture - Snukas Cover
Poison Idea - St. Vitus 2013 Full Show  - Shared because Gordon (Ex Hoogendoorns, Filthy Animals) is now drumming for PI. Great set, band sounded killer and high quality sound/video on this one - fans of PI won't be disappointed! 

Blasphuphmus Radio - St. Johns, Portland OR 97202
A sample of Blasphuphmus Radio's 80/90s Eugene/Icky's/Punk Based Podcasts
Be sure to check out his site for even more great podcasts. If you are interested in
old school Eugene punk I highly recommend downloading these episodes!
 -Episode 161 - A Eugene Celebration 
 -Episode 165 - Resist & Exist 
 -Episode 162 - 14th Anniversary Explosion!

Punk rock from Eugene Oregon and the Great Northwest. A collection of downloads from bands that played Eugene and Icky's Teahouse, are associated with that scene and or influenced that scene in ways only their music can express.

Some of these are live recordings or demos etc. but some have been "officially"  released.  If you find I am sharing something you made or have ownership over the copyright and want your band, or bands removed from this page just comment or send me an email and I will promptly remove the downloads.

That said, most of the bands I am sharing are probably aware of this blog but I still have to say it.

Some of the sound quality is less then desirable as I tried to leave them as they originally sounded. With some of my bands I still have the masters etc. and when I can update and get better quality mixes I will, until then, Thanks and enjoy!

The Rickets - Anthology (on Vinyl) was released in 2010. I'm leaving my link up as I'm not sure the vinyl has all the songs I posted but this LP is remastered, comes with a booklet and is worth buying while they last. Order it here -
The Rickets - Kings of Puke

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I will update with more bands and songs as time allows, if you have anything to contribute please post a comment and I will try to add your contribution as well. Thanks to all the bands and friends for the good times!